Crisis Resources in Thurston County

Thurston County Crisis Clinic

360.586.2800 or 1.800.627.2211

24 Hours Every Day

Youth Help Line (The Crisis Clinic)

360-586-2777 (24 hours)

Providence St Peter Hospital

(360) 491-9480

Emergency Room 493-7289

Child Protective Services

(Investigates Allegations of Abuse - 24 hours) 1-866-363-4276


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Basic Dimension of Nourishment & Restoration

Our preferences can reveal a lot about what actually nourishes and replenishes us. 

Part of accessing our deeper wellspring of resources may be exploring our own definitions of what it means to be nourished.

Questions we might ask ourselves:

- What people, places, situations do I feel most restored/supported by?

- What information does my body give me when I'm feeling restored and/or energized?

- What does an ideal day for me look like?

- Have I found ways to incorporate aspects of that ideal day into my life?

These resources are not a substitute for therapy, a support system, or any type of medical care. They are provided in the hopes they will support you on your on-going journey to wellness, not as a destination, but maybe as a first step or as a bench to rest on while you catch your breath. 
You are important.
Your story matters.
If you are in serious crisis and about to hurt yourself or others, don't wait.
Call 9-1-1 and open yourself to the possibility that things can be different.
This is one moment in a sea of many.