Lindsay Pierce


Finding a way forward is not a universal process.

There's no rule book for growth, no worksheet that will repair relationships, nor any one "true way" to heal from trauma. My approach centers authenticity and exploration in supporting what a therapeutic process may look like for you. 

Whether there are struggles with symptoms of depression, anxiety, feeling we are living with disconnected "parts" of ourselves, or a history of trauma, our shared connection can be an integral part of supporting you in

reclaiming your life's story.


Individual, couples, and family counseling for topics including:

  • Trauma, Complex Trauma, and PTSD

  • Communication and authenticity in relationships

  • Family conflict and transitions

  • Relational imbalances or conflict

  • Depression or chronic feelings of emptiness

  • Affirming gender identity, sexuality, and ENM partnerships

  • Kink and power exchange relationships

  • Fostering and/or adoption transitions

  • Personal growth, creative consultation, and expressive therapies

I also work with Deaf and HoH communities (I am a CODA) and am able to provide direct services in American Sign Language (ASL).


Depth work has less of a focus on problem solving or processing trauma (though this often naturally occurs through parallel process) depth work focuses on processing and understanding unconscious processes within us. This work may incorporate tools and modalities like the Enneagram, The Artist's Way, dream work, projective activities, as well as

other expressive modalities.

Boat on Still Water


Creative Consultation provides support for organizations, creative groups, and/or individuals to gain deeper insight and solve problems preventing their progress in a variety of areas. This includes:

Organizational vision and mission development, cultivating creative practices, embodied problem solving for groups, and expressive

modalities for improving group dynamics.